Location: South Africa
Scope: Brand

The brief

The Veldskoen is a South African icon. So when designing the local brand
of the same name, we knew we had to do the beloved vellie justice.
Our brief was to move them forward, growing locally and setting them
up for international recognition.

We were asked to focus on what truly makes this footwear unique, and then consolidate the brand around this vision across all touchpoints.

Our response

South Africans don’t just travel, we adventure. And the vellie is there every step of the way. We used this idea of exploration and storytelling as our departure point, naming the designs after local places and creating custom illustrations and patterns for each shoe. 

Everything we did was about leaning into the brand’s authenticity and approachability, from the real style of the photography to the lowercase, rounded type and, of course, the heart-shaped holding device to share the love.