Location: South Africa
Scope: Brand, Interior, Draw, Procure

The brief

Mambo’s Storage and Home – originally founded in 2000 as the Plastics Warehouse – has 16 locations around the country. It’s a favourite destination for plastics and household products, with a range larger than most chain stores and a great value proposition. 

We were tasked with creating a new brand and store concept, taking the existing inviting and friendly essence and making it relevant for customers both now and well into the future.

Our response

We wanted to create a store experience that was simple but still made space for moments of connection, while maximising the potential of the fun brand expression. The logo and graphic style were first given a facelift, resulting in softer lines and new opportunities for quirky communication.

The store design followed on from that evolution, characterised by a fun layer of personality through signage, pattern and colour. Store fixtures were considered to bring a sense of ease and calm, and we focused on consistent brand and educational messaging to create a coherent feeling.