The Market

Location: Ballito, South Africa
Scope: Brand, Interior, Draw
Photographer: Fill in

The brief

Before the Ballito Lifestyle Centre was built, there was nothing on the site but a sugarcane field. After selling the vision for the mall with a model in the back of a bakkie, the resulting 28,000 sqm centre became a favourite with residents and visitors alike. But with the opening of a 80,000 sqm regional mall across the road, the team needed to take things to the next level.
Key tenants would be moving over to the new development, and now there would be serious competition for shoppers where previously there was none. TDC&Co was brought in to catalyse step-change, bringing some boldness and a touch of maverick thinking to help this David take on the Goliath next door.

The response

We knew that experience would always be a trump card in modern retail, so we designed a space simply called the Market, home to the town’s best restaurants. Rather than just hosting a weekend activation, this Market would be open daily for customers to shop and get to know the leading producers and artisans in the region.