Location: South Africa
Scope: Brand, Interior, Draw, Procure, Build
Photographer: Fill in

The brief

Over the years, Builders has invested plenty of time and money
in understanding their customers. They believe it’s important
to get a sense of them, their pain points and, importantly,
how the brand can enhance their way of life.

Digital transformation is a big part of this drive, and Builders identified
a need for this to show up in the store experience too. It’s with this in mind that they approached TDC&Co to review their current stores and design
a response that took into account the hybrid future of retail.

Our response

For a start, we knew it was important to make space for multiple customer missions, so we designed an environment that allows for fast and slow experiences. That means the opportunity to explore to those who want
it, as well as traditional aisles for quick and convenient shopping. To cater
to the DIYer and renovator, our solution also includes inspirational kitchen, lighting, décor, flooring and bathroom departments with curated ranges,
and digital access for further online browsing.