All woman

Location: South Africa
Scope: Interior, Draw, Procure, Build
Photographer: Fill in

The brief

Foschini’s All Woman brand was conceived of as a curated fashion and beauty extension of the standard retail stores. TDC&Co was appointed by the Group to design its new concept space, striking a balance between bold and subtle, appealing to a female shopper through a highly experiential environment.

Our response

We wanted to create a space where women could come and relax as they take in the full retail therapy experience, including fashion, beauty, nails, hair and online shopping. The resulting ‘Blank Canvas’ concept was a response to this, giving the product room to shine while creating a sense of possibility for the shopper. It also responded to the brief for flexible departments that could
be moved around as needed.

We created a feeling of continuity through tones of light grey on the floor,
wall and ceiling. This ensured that the store was unified and consistent, complemented by a simple and appealing fixture set that could be used throughout all departments. Part of the solution involved using cost effective materials in unexpected ways too, including raw MDF board and seatbelt straps. Along with a distinctive retail environment, the store also provides women a space in which to feel beautiful, at ease and able to enjoy
themselves with the salon and beauty treatment rooms.