Checkers FreshX

Location, South Africa
Scope: Brand, Interior, Draw

The brief

Checkers introduced its FreshX stores to appeal to an affluent South African customer, offering a mix of brand-name and own label groceries, a bakery
and a deli. 

For the Sandton revamp we were asked to take this concept and give
it an even more premium touch, in line with the expectations of high-end shoppers in the area.

Our response

The design intent of the project was to balance a sense of exclusivity with variety and ambience. Each department was given a strong identity,
enhanced through tactile finishes that reflect the offering.

Emphasis was also placed on the customer experience with clear sight lines for navigation, pause areas for lingering and a showcasing fresh produce in a way that heroed the product and highlighted collaborations with local suppliers. 

The concept clearly defines zones for fresh, general merchandise and experiential service offerings, with orange and grey vinyl 
demarcating them.

The wider aisles allow for a more relaxed shopping rhythm and seating was included at the sushi, tapas, café and wine-tasting areas to encourage
customer engagement.

Finally, materials were chosen to complement the high-end feeling, including solid ash, marble, granite and metals, adding to the overall sensory appeal.